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Take 5

It's a good idea to take a little break in the midst of our days here and there. Here are 5 ideas on how to escape in those moments. This is part of a healthy lifestyle by reducing stress, releasing endorphins, boosting creativity, resting . . .


Dance - think Hokey Pokey, Macarena, the Tom Cruise slide* from the movie Risky Business . . . nothing fancy or formal, just pure fun to make you giggle *link will take you to clip on Turner Classic Movie site that you can fast forward to 2:51 to see the scene


Color - yes, dry erase boards, crayons, pens or pencils will work – anything to just doodle inside or outside the lines. If you are stuck on what to draw, start with a square, then put a triangle on top and see what else you add to it – windows, windows with curtains, trees,🌳 flowers,🌸 birds🐦 or will you add more triangles and make a fancy kite? Let your imagination flow!


Power Nap – close your eyes and concentrate only on your breathing while inhaling in and out. If you find your mind wondering, repeat one positive word or phrase as you breathe in (“I am”) and out (“relaxed”).


Walk – A short, quick walk (even in place) gets your blood circulating throughout your body sending oxygen from your head to your toes and should give you a nice little boost of energy! No gym clothes needed.


Connect – Talk to a friend/loved one as in call or go see someone to say “Hello! Hope your day is going well.” (Texting and e-mail won’t be as effective.)


Know Thyself

How we view the world helps provide insight into how we go about our daily lives - choices we make, how we handle situations, etc. When making changes to nutrition and lifestyle, I have found it helpful and fun to have a better understanding of what makes me tick. It might also have something to do with the fact that my first degree is in Behavioral Sciences :) Here are links to a few free personality quizzes that I think are worth making some time to take.  


Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies Quiz - find out if you’re an Upholder, a Questioner, an Obliger, or a Rebel. (Hint: if you automatically are saying "No way!" it's a good guess that you're a Rebel!) I am an Upholder on this quiz.


16Personalities - an abbreviated version of the Myers-Briggs Test. There are many books and versions of the test available on this subject, but this is a quick one to get you started. I score as an ISFJ and according to one site, Barbara Bush and Mother Teresa (now Saint) were both ISFJs.


Disc Test - This short test will provide insight on how you "view, interpret and interact" with the world and how the world views you through your "body language, facial expressions and tone." DISC stands for Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive and Cautious behavioral types. I am a C on this test.