I'm Theresa.


I’m a suburban wife, mom, nutritionist, health coach, also a cancer and autoimmune wellness survivor too! I have a cookbook collection that rivals Barnes & Noble’s cookbook section (according to my family) and the kitchen has been my favorite room in any house since I’ve been old enough to walk into one. Seriously, if I come to your house, I’d be most comfortable sitting in your kitchen while we visit. I’ve combined my passion for cooking with nutrition and lifestyle knowledge to help myself feel better and take charge of my health. 

My wellness journey began with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditis at the age of 28. It continued with thyroid cancer at 40 and being put on observation for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 44Only then did I consider that there might be a connection between my health and nutrition. 

My thoughts were more “what can I do to prevent this from happening to me?” than “why is this happening to me?” That led me on a journey to become educated in nutrition and experiment with many different ways of eating (vegan, paleo, vegetarian, AIP, Whole30, ketogenic), arriving today at my own whole foods-based eating style. I have seen the positive results of applying what I’ve learned to my health. My blood pressure has decreased, lymph nodes have decreased in size on scans, my energy has increased (well, most days – did I mention that we have 4 kids?), my skin is clearer, migraines that used to be several times per month are now several times per year. 

These results are particular to me a I have been under medical supervision while implementing nutrition and lifestyle changes. I believe in the best of both worlds. If you have received a diagnosis and want help to create your own nutrition and lifestyle plan to take charge of your health, I would love to help!

Let's work together ➝