Whole30 72-Hour Food Kits


The American Red Cross and FEMA both advise citizens to be prepared for emergency situations such as hurricanes, floods, fires, ice storms, etc. by creating a 3-day supply of food and emergency supplies to have available for immediate use at all times. This helps partner with government and relief agencies to enable people to provide care and sustenance for themselves in the short term until help can arrive. 


I have lived on the Texas Gulf Coast for over 20 years through multiple Tropical Storms and several Hurricanes, the most recent being last year’s Harvey. Once Harvey’s historic 5-day rains passed, it was days before stores were re-stocked with food. This is another reason why keeping a 72-Hour Kit stocked and current with each household member’s current dietary needs is important.  While survival is of utmost importance, it is completely possible to create a 72-Hour Kit and make it Whole30 compliant. 

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I completed my first Whole30 right after Hurricane Harvey. I’d planned ahead of time to do it and then Harvey hit. I debated not doing it given the circumstances of all the chaos and emotions, but I decided there will always be something. And, as the original Whole30 book says, it changed my life. Be sure to check out this great article on natural disaster and preparedness on the Whole30 website.


I didn't have Whole30 compliant food in my 72-Hour Kit back then. I was fortunate to not have lost power so I was able to follow my Whole30 program without the need for using one. With hurricane season being active here from June 1 through November 30, I decided to create a PDF planning kit to put together a Whole30 Compliant 72-Hour Food Kit containing tips, food suggestions, and food inventory list. Planning ahead is key, just as with any Whole30.