Hi! I'm Theresa Diulus.


I’m a Certified Whole30 Coach, Nutritional Therapy Consultant and founder of Theresa Diulus Nutrition & Lifestyle, LLC. At our first born’s 6-week check-up, the pediatrician referred me to a specialist (not our daughter) due to my huge goiter. I thought I was just really tired, had no energy and no voice from being a new mom. It turned out I had a "rip-roaring" case of Hashimoto's Hypothryoiditis according to the lab results that came back from the endocrinologist. When that baby was in 6th grade, then the oldest of four, a different specialist gave me a cancer diagnosis. Two years after my surgery and treatment I was put on observation for Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and was told at one point I might have six months to live (so glad they were wrong!). That’s when I chose to learn more about what I could do to improve my health and stop going to specialists. :)  

I dove head into learning about nutrition. That led to years of study and experimentation with different approaches to eating – paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto, Mediterranean, settling at an individualized whole foods plan based on what’s best for my body. I know how nutrition and lifestyle can influence the fears of getting a disease, realities of aging such as weight gain, blood sugar dysregulation, blood pressure issues, hormone problems, and energy fluctuations. I've had these issues and reversed them in myself through changes I've made. Please note I can't guarantee your results or make medical claims, I can only share my experiences.

I help busy moms, make time for themselves to eat well and be active, to have the energy to keep up with their growing kids. It’s not too hard or expensive. I share information on my Instagram feed regularly to show you how it’s possible. Join me there!