Hi! I'm Theresa Diulus.


I’m the founder of Theresa Diulus Nutrition & Lifestyle, LLC. Like you, I have many labels associated with my name – wife, mom, daughter and I can also add Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditis disease patient and cancer survivor. I grew up in a family where heart disease is widespread and that’s what I grew up believing was a predetermined diagnosis. After all, it runs on both sides of my family. Several years after being treated for cancer, I was told I had borderline high blood pressure and glucose levels nearing a prediabetic state. Being a mom to 4 kids that I want to live long enough to see grow old, I chose to learn more about what I could do to improve my odds. I turned to nutrition and lifestyle.

That led to years of study and experimentation with different approaches to eating – paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto, Mediterranean.  I eventually settled, as many do, on an individualized real food plan based on what’s best for my body. I’ve seen personally how making changes to nutrition and lifestyle can positively influence blood sugar balance, and blood pressure. I've had these issues and seen improvements myself through changes I've made. Please note these are my experiences and I can't guarantee your results or make medical claims.

I help women who feel like they’re eating all.the.time learn what foods to eat so they don’t feel hungry (or hangry😉) any more.