My mission:

Help you keep your blood sugar balanced.

I help women who feel like they’re eating all.the.time learn what foods to eat so they don’t feel hungry (or hangry😉) any more.


“It’s 10 am and I’m starving. But I just had breakfast less than 2 hours ago? What the what”

“I’m following what all the experts say to do but my pants keep getting tighter. In fact, my pile of “someday” clothes keeps getting bigger. I can’t keep buying new clothes. Ugh!!! I’m SO-O-O-O frustrated!!! What am I doing wrong?”

“3 pm - coffee, I need coffee with a, ooh, that muffin looks really good . . . no, the cookie . . . no, maybe those new chips . . . maybe I’ll get the cookie AND the chips and save one for tomorrow’s snack ———— 4:30 pm - I can’t believe I ate the cookie and the chips, I’m such a loser. I can’t stop myself from eating, might as not even bother.”

Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people, including myself have had these same or similar thoughts and situations. More importantly, it’s possible to make it stop happening so much or at all. Let me help you. A lot of this has to do with our blood sugar levels being out of balance. I post information on instagram and my blog that you can apply to your daily life to help you with this. For a personalized plan to get you results even faster, schedule a call with me by clicking the button below and together we’ll set up a protocol based on your history and individual preferences.